ANOTHER THREE RANK DAY IS COMING! It is hard to believe that our great Order is in its 153rd year! A lot of history has been written in our 153 years. Will you be a part of the continuing history or the reason the Order stops? I know you get tired of hearing about membership, but.....the fact is we MUST get new members for our lodges to survive. Then, the lodges MUST get off their butts and DO SOMETHING to interest the membership to want to retain them as members! Let us ALL work toward signing up one or more candidates for the Jerry Weilenman Honorary Three Rank Day on Sunday, June 4th in New Castle beginning at 1:00 pm. We still have t-shirts, hats, money clips and embroidered jackets to give away on the local level plus life time memberships and get away weekends to name a few prizes for the state membership contest! If you need applications, they are on this website or contact the Grand Secretary at 765-529-7712 or and he will send you one right away. To fail is no disgrace, but not to try is shameful! Sign up a new Knight today!

ITS TIME FOR THE SLOTS AND THE PONIES AT HOOSIER PARK! - Crescens Lodge took its first of two outings to Hoosier Park Racing and Casino on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 6pm. While the ponies were not live at Hoosier Park until April, there was plenty of similcast racing going on for your betting entertainment. The "loosest slots in Indiana"were spinning away that night also with one of our Brothers winning over $100!. We had dinner and went our own ways for our entertainment dollars. Come and have a FUN evening at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino the next time we go!

DISTRICT #3 & 4 CONVENTIONS STARTS MONTH OF MARCH ACTIVITIES! Things begin to pick up in the month of March as the District #4 Knights of Pythias Convention started the month off. It was held in New Castle beginning with a luncheon at 12 noon followed by the convention at 1:00 pm.While the attendance was not what we wanted to see, those who committed a little time to the Pythian Order and gave a hoot about its  future had a good time! ! Many important things were discussed that day plus the Grand Chancellor's program was checked on with fresh up-dates. The next week, on March 11th, we travelled to Brotherhood Lodge #3-5-7. Following their awesome breakfast that proceeds any meeting, the District #3 convention was held.  It was a very good meeting with decent attendance from some of the lodges in the district.

CRESCENS LODGE ANNUAL TABLE LODGE HELD MARCH 28TH! - One of the favorite meetings of the entire year happened on March 28th, 2017, at 7:00 pm as we held the annual Table Lodge. In a very unique setting, the lodge room is transformed into a special arrangement for Table Lodge. This is a business meeting for Crescens Lodge with dinner served during the meeting. So, Knights only for this meeting! Following the meeting, several toasts are given making the meeting quite special. This is one of those special nights that you just don't want to miss! Make sure you are there next year!!

FAMILY FUN OUTINGS BEGIN FOR SUMMER - a small crowd gathered at the Habachi Grill in Anderson on Sunday, May 21st for the District #3/4 Family Fun Outing started by the late PGC Roni Hartley. It was good food, good time and good fellowship.